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The Star Wars Campaign - GM: Dave Graham
Campaign World: Star Wars
Location: Uh... All over the galaxy??
Star Wars Revised Edition
Status: Active


  • Star Wars-Ku (By Ian Redditt)
    You have to read it to believe it. Oh - and the character descriptions below? That's Ian's handywork too.

  • The Mess On A New Ship (By Gord Rose & Jodi Krangle) - Another joint effort conducted through email from the perspectives of Hashik & Myrani. The title of the piece is a play on words - because the two of them really have made quite a mess of things. ;) Though this story is about fixing them. At least for the time being ...

  • The Beginnings of a Beautiful Friendship (By Gord Rose) - About the first meeting between Gord's Star Wars character (Hashik) and Rob's Star Wars character (Wumdi).


Dave needs to write one. :)

The Adventurers

The Jawa
(real name unknown)

Species: Jawa
Planet of Origin: Tatooine
Preferred Fighting Style: 2-gun mayhem
Favourite food: Butter

The Jawa joined the Ospreys crew fairly recently. No one is sure entirely how recently, as he has apparently been hiding in the waste reclamation conduits for at least 3 hyper jumps. He has since proven himself an invaluable ally to the crew for both his ability to produce obscene volumes of weapons fire, and his ruthless lack of concern for whom it is directed at.

He is skilled in a variety of deadly arts, and can conceal himself as a bag of moldering rags so convincingly that he has been forced to kill 9 laundry droids attempting to spin cycle him.

He once emptied a bar with a thermal detonator shaped air freshener.

Hashik Kypro

(aka “Captain Meatbag”)

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Coruscant
Preferred Fighting Style: Not fighting. NOT FIGHTING!
Turn ons: Money
Turn offs: Sith torture

Hashik is both owner and captain of the Osprey, a position of considerable power and respect that is completely ignored by every person aboard her. His attempts to make a low profile living as a dealer in grey market goods have been somewhat hindered by the fact that his ship has been completely pimped by arms dealers, Jedi, and mad engineers. Current projections indicate that within 6 months he will retain only enough cargo space to haul 8-dozen donuts and a small briefcase of ceramic “Ewok Love Is…” figurines.

He has some sort of thing going on with the hot blind girl. For full details, see “Myrani”.

Myrani Konnar
(aka “The Hot Blind Girl”)

Species: Miraluka
Planet of Origin: Alpheridies
Preferred Fighting Style: She can throw 50,000 kilos with her mind. What do you think?
Odd factoid: Can understand every known language. And NO! *slap*

Myrani is the medical officer aboard the Osprey and has a fully equipped medical lab. However, since there are 3 force healers and a bacta tank on board, all of the expensive medical gear in the lab has long since been removed and sold (or used for droid building) and replaced with empty metal casings with blinky lights attached to them.

She has powerful force abilities that grant her powerful telekinesis, potent healing abilities, and almost omniscient sight unless someone near her is wearing a magic belt.

She has some sort of thing going on with Captain Meatbag. For full details, see “Hashik”.

Miko Tavari
(aka “College Boy”)

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Alderaan
Preferred Fighting Style: Definitely not a lightsaber, because that’s a Jedi thing and he’s not a Jedi, he’s an archeologist.
Is: An archaeologist.
Is NOT: A jedi. (We mean it now! Definitely NOT a jedi.)

Miko is an “archaeologist”, who joined the crew of the Osprey to go to different planets and use “archaeology” on them. He uses a lightsaber, but purely as a tool to ummm…dig up stuff and …classify it. Y’know. For “archaeology”.

He is teased unmercifully by Jilljoo, but has so far resisted her attentions using the almost superhuman meditation techniques he learned in “archaeology” class. However the current betting line from Jimmy the Hutt has 7 to 2 odds that within the next week he’ll “get his green thumb”.

He owns a magic belt.

Quinlan Vos
(aka The Jedi)

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: XXXX
Preferred Fighting Style: Lightsaber defense.
Distinguishing characteristics: During Jedi frosh week, had his pubic hair twined into a Padawan braid.

Quinlan is the classic wandering Jedi, sent by the council to travel the universe and poke his nose into places it doesn’t belong, influencing events he doesn’t even remotely understand, and attracting enemies he is incapable of defeating. Most crews would consider this a drawback; on the Osprey, it makes him a kindred soul.

Quinlan is a master of Jedi lightsaber deflection techniques, blocking and reflecting incoming attacks with an unconscious mastery of the force. This has both its benefits and it’s drawbacks. On the one hand, it can protect both him and other crewmembers from deadly blaster fire. On the other hand, it once took 3 days to successfully pass him a piece of toast.

He’ll most likely have to kill Castin in the morning.

Castin Daal
(aka “The Other Jedi. The One With the Thing For Shoes”)

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Correllia
3 day Forecast: Occasional darkness, with a 70% probability of betrayal and death.

Castin is a dark brooding troubled soul who the Jedi council, in their infinite wisdom, has seen fit to equip with mastery of the force that binds all living things. And an energy sword. Many see this as a sign that the Jedi council sees the capacity for good in all beings. Others believe it is a sign that the Jedi council are too stupid to live. These two beliefs are not mutually exclusive.

No one is entirely sure why a Jedi would join the crew of a smuggling ship like the Osprey; however the last person to ask him that had to pee through a tube until more bacta could be obtained, so the current crew lets it slide.

He died once. Didn’t seem to slow him down much, except that his battle cry has changed from “FOR THE ORDER” to “BRAIIIINS!”

Tam Darillion
(aka “WHAT DID YOU DO?!)

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: XXXX
Preferred Fighting Style: Go my robot minions!
Hidden talent: Can fit an entire data pad in his mouth. (Can successfully remove it again only 80% of the time.)

Tam is the Ospreys chief engineer and droid builder. He has successfully managed to disassemble every major system aboard the ship, and fully intends to reassemble them all one day. This provides Wumdi no end of “repair fun”, as he has taken to calling it. His notable skills include being able to reprogram a destroyer droid to provide four different flavours of cappuccino … in combat … and without coffee beans. He disappears for days at a time into his cabin where nobody is really sure what goes on. (For all the crew knows, the real Tam is dead and has been replaced by a very clever droid replica … well, at least the personalities are similar.)

He once built a battle droid shell for a Sith AI program. No, really. We can’t make this bantha poodoo up.


I don't know Wumdi.

NPCs: Jiljoo (Twilik engineer), "Roo" (Wookie Fighter)

Story Arc

Dave needs to write this too. :)


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