Role Playing Related Fiction by The Company of Strangers  

Star Wars-Ku: by Ian Redditt

(These "haiku" were created on Ian's cell phone during and after several of our Star Wars gaming sessions.)

Red my saber blade,
I must hide the dark inside.
Now give me those shoes.

Ancient holocron
Who can stand before my might?

Star wars, game of space
Our minds filled with heavens orbs
Ass like Christmas ham.

We dance among stars
Our hyperdrive goes “RRRR RRRR”
It is not my fault!

I speak of Wumdi
He is…ummm…well, he has a…
I don’t know Wumdi.

Emerald her skin
Body lush beyond her years
Ice for Miko’s pants!

Myrani sees the world
Sight more clear for lack of eyes.
Man she creeps me out.

Gun in either hand
At least seven more concealed
Go on. Call me short.

Servants of the Sith
Terrors of the galaxy
It’s a shame they suck.

Hashik’s cargo space
Like a penis bared on Hoth
Continues shrinking.

These haikus are fun
But sometimes they don’t make sense
Garbage compactor.

(Please note: Ian is a loon. :-) )


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