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The Rift Campaign - GM: Gord Rose

Campaign World: Greyhawk
Location: Currently north going around the Fellreev Forest and entering the Bluff Hills.
D&D 3.5
Status: Active


  • A Fawkes' Tale (by Richard Harris - with assistance from Gord Rose)
    The origin story of Tyrion Fawkes in Gord's Rift Campaign. While Rich wrote the concept and background details, Gord wrote the dialogue portion to give the character more flavour and context.


The Rift Campaign gets its name from where the campaign started. It is also know as "the Adventures of Calista and Tyrion", as these were the two PCs that were there at the start. It started as a mid-level campaign (7th) and has evolved into a more traditional D&D campaign (wilderness encounters, kick-down-the-door-and-take-their-stuff, etc) than most of our other games.

Tyrion and Calista met when they were both captured by the forces of Iuz just prior to the beginnings of the spring campaign to free the Shield Lands. They were sold into slavery and found themselves in the same cell in a slaver's compound in Stoink. Breaking out togther, they set off westwards to try and make it back to Furyondy and the other gathered forces of freedom fighters. Their travels took them into the Rift, where they met many interesting people and characters.

Their path turned northwards to exit the Rift at Riftcrag as they felt that this would be easier than the western end of the Rift Canyon (believe it or not). After some brief adventures in Riftcrag, they left the Rift and travelled northwards to the Tangles, crossed the plains, and have finally found their way northwards, going around the Fellreev Forest and entering the Bluff Hills, where they have encountered a hill giant fort that has been ravishing the countryside.

They have given the giants a bloody nose at this point and found information that has encouraged them to continue northwards to the trading town of Grossfort, in the lands of the Rovers of the Barrens.

The Adventurers

Tyrion Fawkes (human warblade) - Richard
Calista Garwyn - (human holy liberator of Tritherion) - Jodi
Rurik (human favored soul of WeJas) - Alex
Ferria Mox (human blood mage) - Ian
Durvial (elven spell thief) - Dave
Quarrel (human ranger) - Adrian (having migrated from the Auldvoron campaign)

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