Role Playing Related Fiction by The Company of Strangers  

(sung to the tune of Garry Owen)

Let Aulustriel's sons be not dismayed,
But join with me each jovial blade,
Come booze and sing and lend me aid,
To help me with the chorus,

Instead of spa, we'll drink down ale,
And pay the reckoning on the nail,
For debt no man shall go to jail,
From Silverymoon and glory!

We are the boys who take delight in
Smashing the Everlund lamps when lighting,
Through the streets like sporters fighting,
And tearing all before us.


We'll break windows, we'll break doors,
The watch knock down by threes and fours,
Then let the doctors work their cures,
And tinker up our bruises.


We'll beat the bailiffs out of fun.
We'll make the mayors and sheriffs run.
We are the boys no man dare dun,
If he regards a whole skin.


Our hearts so stout have got us fame,
For soon 'tis known from whence we came.
Where'er we go they dread the name
Of Silverymoon in glory!



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