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The Nyrond Campaign - GM: Rob Cheung
Campaign World: Greyhawk (D&D 3.5)
Location: The Kingdom of Nyrond
Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy, ruling over 12 royal provinces.
Status: Active


The Party

Jayna – An exiled barbarian of the nomadic Wolf clan tribe wandering the plains of Nyrond

Valen – An up and coming sorcerer recently graduated.

Horace - A skilled ranger from Woodwych. A noble whose father was recently stripped of his titles and lands, for the act of defending Prince Sewarndt, who at time unbeknownst to Horace’s father, that Prince Sewarndt, after unsuccessfully seizing the throne from King Archbold, was fleeing the palace after hearing of the return of Crown Prince Lynwerd to the capital city of Rel Mord.

Magnus – A wandering sailor from the north and has converted to assisting the people with healing and spiritual guidance.

Shelby – A young and dexterous soul, learning the songs and tales of adventuring.

Theoda – A sorcerer who discovered his talent at a young age.

Geld – A famed actor of the land of Nyrond, seeking to enthrall the people with his talent, charm and wit. For his fame far out cedes his ability to meet with his devoted fans, for his is a single humbly man, however none the less he is Geld Avery.

The Premise:

A caravan journeying from Wragby to Andrean’s Landing was ambushing at night in the Anodan Hills, killing the wagon master, a couple of guards and the cook who they never found the body of. Stripped of their armor, weapons and belonging, the party endeavors to survive. They discover a few secret compartments in the wagon master wagon. A cache of weapons, armor and a small ebony box with a platinum rose inlayed on the top and a note.

If you are reading this, then I have journeyed to my eternal resting place.

You have solved the puzzle of the wagon and have been entrusted to deliver the ebony box.

Seek members of our order to aid in your quest, for they shall lead you to the next sentinel.

Only a sentinel has the ability to open the box. If the box were to be open by any other, the Old Ones shall awaken. Darkness shall be released across the land and evil shall reign supreme.

The items in this bag of holding, has been gifted to you to help in your journey, use them wisely.

Let none see the box, but for our order. Guard the box well for evil is unwavering in their pursuit of it.

Their master is the one who’s name cannot be spoken.

Beware of the one who sees, but cannot be seen.

And so the adventure begins…

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