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Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle

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Jodi has been gaming since about the age of sixteen though it really only became a somewhat regular hobby when she was in her mid twenties. Having been involved in the gaming club at Ryerson (even though she never actually took classes at Ryerson), she participated in some of the early Pandemoniums when they were still being held there. That lasted a couple of years with some of those members splitting off into a splinter group that met regularly for a while. When Compuserve was popular, Jodi, who has always been heavily involved in the computer industry, was indirectly introduced to Dave Graham. The rest, as they say, is history.

Gaming has led to a lot of interesting things for Jodi throughout the years. She has always loved singing and writing songs. A chance meeting during a role playing game led her to meet Allison Durno and Debbie Ridpath Ohi, the three forming a folk group called Urban Tapestry. She's now been with the group for over twelve years and for as long as that, she's been involved in a fandom community called "filking" where Urban Tapestry plays the majority of its music. Urban Tapestry won an Aurora award in 2006 for "Best Fan Achievement (Other)".

In her "day job", she's a voice over talent with her own business: Piece of Cake Voice Overs & Vocals, working with clients all over the world to provide the voice for commercials, corporate videos and e-learning projects, phone systems, radio and TV imaging, and the singing voice for jingles. And in her copious free time (ha!), she is the creator and webmaster of a site devoted to songwriters called "The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource", first put online in 1995. The site has won numerous awards in the more than ten years of its existence, including mentions in many popular print magazines and newspapers such as Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Billboard Magazine, The Wallstreet Journal and American Songwriter Magazine. Jodi and her husband live in Newmarket, north of the GTA.


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