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David Graham

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Dave has been involved in the gaming hobby since his late teens, when he first discovered Tolkien, and these neat little figurines he could paint, on the same summer vacation.

It was at the University of Toronto when he met Gord Rose for the first time and found out there was this game called "Dungeons & Dragons" where he could use all those Orcs and goblins and Trolls he’d been painting for the last several years . Gord had the books… Dave had the Lead. Thus an Infernal Alliance was born that has lasted to this day. Ask Gord about the first time Dave included Goblin fanatics in his Warhammer fantasy Orc & Goblin army "They do WHAT???…..HOW MANY STRENGTH 5 HITS!!!!"

Since those early days, a vast number of models have passed over Dave's workbench. It is a standing joke that if he is painting anything for Gord… it never seems to get finished (insert Gord's rant about his 1/1200th scale Napoleonic Naval ships here). Sorry Gord. (I will finish the Minris Fig – someday)

Dave still finds the time to get some paint on models each week, in spite of being pestered by the same gang of gamer fanatics to "run something…anything…must….roll….dice….!" The multiple campaigns Dave runs are a testament to his short attention span, and the depths of the group's RPG addiction.

Apart from D&D, of course, Dave spends most of his gaming time these days playing WarMachine and Hordes. His currently painted armies are Khador and Cryx for Warmachine, and Trollbloods and a wee bit of the Circle Oroborous and Legion of Everblight for Hordes. But sadly, total addict that he is, Dave is compelled to collect absolutely everything for both games, so more painted armies are sure to follow.

He also has ridiculous amounts of stuff painted for the Warhammer Fantasy (Orcs and Dwarfs), Warhammer 40K (pretty much everything except Necrons – and there is a bunch of unpainted robotic terrors in a box somewhere), and the Lord of the Rings miniatures games (Very bad. This last one ties in with the long standing Tolkien addiction - Must …get… more… Oliphants!!!!).

He who dies with the most stuff wins…. WHOOHOOOO!


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