Role Playing Related Fiction by The Company of Strangers  

The Woes of Silver:

Note: This poem (which I have a tune for and have performed with Urban Tapestry in the past) was written before I knew anything about the Dragons of D&D - that the metalics are the "good guys" and the chromatics the "bad guys". This was merely the story of a town terrorized by a dragon that is then defeated by a champion who learns wisdom in the process. And frankly, "bronze" simply has a nicer ring to it than "black" or "green" or "red"...

From O'er the hill, in the wind did she come,
And the townspeople cried, "It's the Silver One!"
Fierce dragon of bronze felt a sliver of doubt,
Claws shifting uneasily, frown creasing snout.

But make up his mind, did that bronze dragon fierce,
And let out bright fire - through night did it pierce!
Red closer to silver, did crackle through air...
But when dragon looked back, Silver One wasn't there!

Too late did he glance,
From behind, silver lance
Pierced his tough hide
And came out other side.

Silver light seemed to bleed from his core...
Suffucing bronze body... 'till dragon no more.

In a cloud of bright light, it flew towards Silver,
Then brushed by her cheek. The kiss made her shiver.
Towards the dark heaven did earth star now fly,
It's kiss to bright Silver its only goodbye.

"Killing my foe gives me no satisfaction."
Her softly sad words showed regret for her action.
The ignorant townsfolk took tears for some pain,
They rushed to her side -- but she'd gone again.

The moral is simple if truth will be known,
Your equal's your enemy - his prowess is shown
If he's gotten so far as to challenge thy power...
So killing thine equal turns victory sour.


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