Role Playing Related Fiction by The Company of Strangers  

Nyia's Description for the Masquerade Ball:

At 5'8", she is taller than a great many of the women here, and regal in her bearing. (It's so much easier to affect such a pose behind a mask, don't you agree?) She currently wears a mask that guards her face from forehead to just below her nose. That mask is crafted to resemble a dragon, shimmering green scales covering it, masterfully created with various different types of fabrics and gems. The dragon's snout is slightly elongated though not enough to pose a problem when dancing. Nyia's almond-shaped, earthy green eyes gaze out from behind the mask, twinkling with mirth and mischief, limned with dark lashes.

Hair of a light brown colour with a sheen of a deeper shade of bronze falls down her back and over her shoulders in a glossy curtain, brushed to a gleaming shine, curls framing the delicate features of her face. Her lips are full, her cheekbones high and her complexion, very lightly bronzed as if she spends a great deal of time in the sun. There are emerald earrings dangling from her delicate earlobes and within her hair is a small, golden comb shaped like a coiled dragon with rubies for its eyes.

Her dress is a brilliant, emerald green gown of soft silk that hugs her slender, shapely form to the hips, and then flares out in a swirl of fabric of many shades of green, meant to simulate a hint of scales. The same fabric sheaths the graceful length of her arms, ending cinched lightly about her small wrists with tiny mother of pearl buttons. There is a light sheen of bronze to the green swaths of material. It shimmers as she moves.

The neckline dips a bit while still remaining modest, showing only the slightest hints of generous cleavage swelling beneath the material. About her slender neck, she wears a gold choker, a large emerald resting lightly against the hollow of her throat. She wears no belt just now, the cut of the dress itself making it quite plain where her tiny waist is. It is from that point that the fabric flares, the shimmering softness of it swirling about her legs as she moves so that she almost appears to be gliding more than walking.

There is a train to the dress - and it ends in a soft, bronze-tinged green point - a stylized version of a "tail". Not overly long, and easily draped over one of her arms without displacing the fall of her gown. She wears green and glittering, slightly heeled shoes upon her small feet though they are only visible if she walks quickly.


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