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The Auldvoron Campaign - GM: Gord Rose

Campaign World: Greyhawk (Sheldomar Valley eastwards to City of Greyhawk)
Location: Duchy of Ulek and the Lortmil Mountains System:
D&D 3.5
Status: Active


  • The Beginning of the Auldvoron Campaign (Chapter 1) (By Gord Rose)
    There's always a beginning to everything. This campaign was particularly iconic for many of us in the group as it was our first regular forray into D&D together, starting with 2nd Edition and eventually morphing into 3.5 as new rules came out. This first chapter introduces many of the characters and gets thngs started on the group's first adventure. It should be noted that Gord's concept of the Bladesingers was unique. It had to be, actually. D&D changed the rules on Bladesingers so many times that it was hard to keep up. Eventually, he just made up his OWN rules - and Jodi, the player of Aelyra, couldn't have been more pleased that he did.

  • A Twin’s Travels (By Gord Rose)
    A story about “Quarrel” Leofmund (human ranger/rogue), set in Gord's Auldvoron campaign.

  • Curunir's Story - The background story for Curunir Avanthar, an elven Champion of Corellon Larethian within the Auldvoron campaign run by Gord Rose. (by Richard Harris)


The campaign began as a typical D&D campaign (CY 592) of a group of adventurers travelling about the land fighting evil and making names for themselves. Characters started at Level 1, and are now Level 12 (CY 597). The campaign is set around the Village of Auldvoron in the valley of the same name, nestled in a rolling hilly area in the foothills of the Lortmil Mountains bordering the Duchy of Ulek. This village was founded by the adventurers as a place to settle some one hundred freed slaves they liberated during an adventure into the Pomarj. This small collection of one hundred souls has, in five years, grown into a small trading town of almost 1000 people. The party has established a trade in horses (with Kettite stock as a base), sheep and general farming, and some small mining (in cooperation with a nearby dwarf clan in the Lortmils). The town also is starting to conduct a small amount of trade over the Lortmils with the gnomes and others of the Kron Hills, due to the reopening of an old pass known as the Old Gem Road.

The Adventurers

Aelyra Vilyamaryo (elven bladesinger/sorceress)
Kedar Redbeard (dwarven warpriest)
“Kit” Leofmund (human rogue/many) twin of Quarrel
“Quarrel” Leofmund (human ranger/rogue) twin of Kit
K’frazzk (lizardfolk warrior)
Curunir Avanthar (elven Champion of Corellon Larethian)
Yasmeen of Ket (human cleric of Istus)

Off adventuring in the demi-plane of Faerie:
Gareth Fielding (human paladin)
Carenellan (half-celestial bard)

Left behind in (I can’t remember the name) to help the people there:
Brother Larkin (human cleric of St. Cuthbert)

Story Arc 1

The characters met in Gareth Fielding’s father’s castle in western Keoland and adventured throughout that western portion of that realm (and neighbouring countries) towards being inducted into the Knights of the Watch. They helped stave off some attacks and mysterious goings on around the small town of (I can’t remember the name), but decided to return to Celene and allow Aelyra to report back to the Order of Bladesingers on the goings on in the western lands. After touching base with the Order, and a side trip to visit Aelyra’s family, they undertook a mission to determine what had happened to one of the baldesinger’s teachers who had disappeared during a mission to the Pomarj. It was during this adventure that they rescued a number of people held in a slaver stronghold and decided to curtail their mission and escort these people to safety. As most of these people were landless due to the fighting in the Principality of Ulek and the Wild Coast, they accepted the offer of land settlement if the party could find a suitable location.

They found some land in the north-eastern portion of the Duchy of Ulek in the foothills of the Lortmil Mountains, and a small very busy town has sprung up.

Story Arc 2

As the spring festival arrived and the grand opening of the Auldvoron Market took place, word came to the party of some banditry occurring in the southern part of their domain, bordering the lands of the Duchy of Ulek proper. As they set out to investigate, cornering the bandits in the swampy area along the river, they encountered a strange and hostile tribe of lizardfolk that were commanded by an as yet unknown type of lizardfolk wizard. When they disrupted this wizard’s evil plans and caused the destruction of his doomsday machine, they were all transported back in time. They found themselves in the Auldvoron Valley thousands of years in the past, where dinosaurs roamed the land and lizardfolk were the dominant culture. Unfortunately the technological level of the humans and demi-humans of this time was so low as to not allow them to pose a threat to this dominance. Coupled with the facts that magic as the party knows it is almost unknown amongst the non-lizardfolk, and that the gods seem to be occupied elsewhere and not answering prayers all the time, makes for an interesting set of challenges for the party. They have discovered that the lizardfolk are conducting a sweeping conquest of the land as well as engaging in a war of some kind with dragonkind of this period.

Since their arrival, the party has made friendly contact with groups of elves, dwarves, humans, and dragons (all colours), and have proposed an alliance between all these parties against the lizardfolk. To prove that they are sincere and to prove their trust to these groups (as they are all reluctant to form an alliance), the party is about to take the fight to the lizardfolk by attacking an installation along the borders of what the party knows as the Lake of Unknown Depths, the Nyr Dyv.

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